Ulrich Leive's *Holy Bible*

In the beginning was the Word © Ulrich Leive
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. - (Saint John 1, 1)

The Holy Bible, painted by Ulrich Leive
Why should a man of the 20th century paint a lot of pictures from the Holy Bible? Don`t we regard ourselves as modern and sophisticated, take religion as some poetry without a living god?

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Old Testament 1 - Paradise © Ulrich Leive
Old Testament
Old Testament 2 - The Angel's Fall © Ulrich Leive

New Testament 1 - Last Supper © Ulrich Leive
New Testament
New Testament 2 - Pentecost © Ulrich Leive

Antlitz Christi I (Ikone) 1 © Ulrich Leive
Special Themes
Herz - Hand - Engel - 2006 © Ulrich Leive

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