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... a club founded in 1988 where dedicated and creative persons of quite unlike professions and ages come together. They concern themselves with poetry derived from their own experience, in particular with forms of Japanese short poetry, namely HAIKU, TANKA , Haibun and RENKU. The centre of interest is the Haiku, a poem with which expresses experience of nature and seasons, has a strongly symbolical character and mediates meditative insights - it is centuries old and nowadays known worldwide.
... explore the Japanese Haiku in view of its development and meaning and transfer the poetic character from Japanese tradition to the European culture and living space, furthermore settle it as a form of German-language poetry and cultivate it as such. We want to bridge the different kinds of literature by combining the forces of authors, literary scholars and everyone who wants to participat


 What we offer...
What we expect...
... eventful get-togethers, interesting congresses, scientific talks, competent discussions, arrangements of meetings and international correspondence, competitions, publications in the quarterly journal of DHG, in anthologies, calendars and books.
... is genuine interest. Everybody may become member of DHG, if he is composing poems or not. It is decisive to be prepared to get involved in these forms of poetry in the sense of the true Haiku poet and to support our work with a membership fee.
 What you can do ...
... write to us and we answer at once. In every case you will learn new things, meet friends and like-minded persons and enlarge your perspective  of the deeper values of life by wonderful aspects. We will be happy to pass our experiences on to you, regardless where you live, be it in Germany or elsewhere. It can be a positive connection for you.     
Deutsche Haiku-Gesellschaft e.V.
c/o Martin Berner, Hofgartenweg 11, 60389 Frankfurt am Main 
phone: 004969 474092, fax 004969 47885811, email-Adresse: haikugesellschaft@arcor.de


Webmaster: Gerd Börner, Brahmsstr. 17, 12203 Berlin, phone 004930 8342111
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